With 13 years of experience, I love designing the digital


I design user interfaces and interactions which are displayed on screens. I’m 36, have 13 years of experience gathered through working for clients and companies from Croatia, Great Britain, USA and Australia.

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I enjoy being involved in all phases of a design project. Starting with ideation and defining concepts, continuing with sketching and/or wireframing, moving on to validating ideas with the help of rapid prototyping. After that, I might jump straight into the browser and decide on the final design there, or take a longer route of creating high fidelity mockups in a graphic editor, such as Photoshop or Sketch. Finally, being able to personally translate my mockups into solid HTML/CSS is enormously satisfying.

But, my job doesn’t stop there. I like to be at disposal and cooperate with back-end developers who will take my prototypes and make them a fully functional interactive face of the finished product.

Finally, the most exciting part of my job is watching how users interact with my designs. I find these observations, along with users’ verbal feedback, to be of enormous value for a design process. Therefore, being able to test a design with end-users is something I prefer to do as often as possible and improve the design according to feedback gathered.


If you need an experienced designer with an indefinite hunger for learning new skills and self improvement, feel free to contact me. If you’re looking for a problem solver solution finder, you’ve just found one.